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Turkey - Part 4 - Antália

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Keeping with my Turkey theme, this time I'll show you some of the wonders from the south of Turkey, specifically Antalia. If you are new to this thing I call a blog, first: Where have you been? and second: you can read the beginning of my adventure here. Seriously people try and keep up 😊
So we finally arrived in Antalia. Like I told you in Part 3, we got there late at night, but we were fortunate enough to have our host pick us up. We were couchsurfing, which meant we were staying in with the locals. This is the best way to travel and get to know the true essence of a place.
We stayed with Melih, an easy going young man, who had the cutest dog, named Panda. Since we arrived so late, on the first night we just went to have some drinks and walked a bit in the historical part of the city.

We were so happy to have a bed and a shower after such a long bus trip. Kuba had a room to himself and me and Martyna stayed on the mattress in the living room. It was a very nice apartment…


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I wanted to let you know that you can also find me in Blogovin'

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Turkey - Part 3

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Here is part 3 of my adventure in Turkey. If you just got out of a coma and you don't know what's going on, England is out of the EU, Trump is the new US President, and you can check part 1 and part 2 of my trip before you start this post.
OK now that you are up to date with the world, I can start.
So the third day of my trip to Turkey started very early, still at the house of the man in Izmir. Me, Martyna and Kuba all enjoyed the wonders of a bathroom, since we didn't know when we would have this privilege again. Life on the road is hard and full of terrors. Our host decided to take us to a local place to have a typical Turkish breakfast.

My mouth is watering already!
As you can see, Turkish people really know how to do breakfast. It was so delicious we couldn't stop eating. Best breakfast I ever had. There was salad, fruits, jams, bread, more like amazing bread, cheese and more.
This was the local place we had breakfast
That was the lovely lady cooking for us!


Turkey - Part 2

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Like I told you in the last post, that you can read or reread here, the second day of my trip to Turkey started very early in the morning, "close" to the border where we spent the night in the truck.
We got up maybe around 6 am, thanked our driver and started our journey. We walked a lot. The driver had said that it was around 5 km to the border, I don't think he had any idea how far away we were. 5 km? More like 10 km. After panting for an hour we asked another driver for some information. He said that at that point we were still 6 km away from the border. WHAT?! Wasn't it 5 km an hour ago?!
It took us a moment to process the info. We were still very far, and we would be wasting time trying to go on foot to the border. We needed to find a car that was going through. But before that we had coffee with a Polish driver. I have to say Martyna and Kuba were very happy to speak Polish to someone and I was just pretending I could understand what they were saying. …


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It's been so long that I feel a bit depressed. But I'll try to keep it up more regularly this time. Promise :D

I told you all about my first time in Bucharest. The amazing experience of hitchhiking. After doing this in some cities in Romania it came the time to try it in another country. And the first choice was Turkey.

I have to be honest, at first I was very very scared. I was stressing that this was a crazy idea, specially because of the country. I know I know, I was being stupid, judgmental and stereotyping everything.
The truth is, it was one of the best trips ever.

We left Rm. Valcea on the 15th of April 2014 to start our adventure. Me and my two Polish friends Martyna and Kuba. Since we were going to Turkey we took our secret weapon: The Turkish flag. There are a lot of Turkish drivers working in Romania, and in all good tradition if they see someone with the flag they will, most likely, stop to help you. (You can count that as a tip for your next travels in Eastern …

Arrival training - Mid term training

Hello to all Evs's and non EVS's of course :)

Hope you all have been doing good.

My God it's been forever. I have really been neglecting my own blog.
When I started I was all pumped up to write everyday and make a nice journal of my time in Romania. I guess that didn't happen and now I have to make up for it.

This post was supposed to be about On Arrival training. And now it's going to be about that and also Mid-term training.

You might ask what are these strange training's that I'm talking about, well I'll try my best to explain it to you.

All EVS volunteers have to attend these trainings provided by the National Agency of the Hosting organization. In my case it's Romanian National Agency.

This "organization" is responsible for the projects and volunteers. Basically they make sure that all our rights are being respected, and that we are having a nice time in Romania and that everything is going smoothly in the project and with the hosting organi…